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Midnight Sun Camp and Husky Trekking

The arctic summer days have no end. During the polar day, the sun stays above the horizon for 24 hours a day – a delight after the long winter months! We Norwegians try to spend as much time as possible outside. Trekking during the day and spending long evenings with family and friends around a bonfire, grilling sausages and marshmallows while working on a suntan.

During an overnight stay at our campsite, you can also cuddle our 300 Alaskan Huskies, learn about sled dog racing and the arctic nature or take a short walk down to the sea side – and of course take the perfect midnight sun picture! Ask your guide for tips and tricks.

When you want to go to bed, a lightproof cabin furnished with reindeer furs guarantees a restful sleep. After breakfast, we get our four-legged trekking buddies and set out into the wilderness. Our Alaskan huskies are strong and trained to pull - you will not have to hold the leash for the whole duration of the trek but be prepared for some exercise! Usually we give 1 Husky for 2-3 guests. You will still develop a close bond with “your” Husky, especially since we need your help with training them for the next sledding season!
Back the camp site, Bacalao, a traditional Norwegian fish stew will be served (vegetarian alternative available upon prior request) and after saying goodbye to the dogs, we bring you back to Tromsø.
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Midnight Sun Camp and Puppy Training

The arctic summer nights are basked in golden sunlight and filled with a unique peace and tranquility. For Norwegians it is tradition to gather their families and friends around bonfires to grill sausages and marshmallows until late at night, relaxing, telling stories and working on a suntan. A treat after the long, dark winter! Leave your everyday-life behind and de-stress with our Husky puppies in the arctic wilderness.

Join us for an overnight stay in our campsite, where you can cuddle with our huskies, learn about dog sledding and the arctic nature or take a stroll down to the seaside – and of course capture your memories with the camera. Just ask your guide for help with taking the perfect midnight sun picture!

The night is spent on reindeer furs in a lightproof cabin, guaranteeing a restful sleep. The next morning our puppies are eagerly awaiting their training session. We will take them out into the wilderness around our center and then we get to work! Help us teach them sledding commands and how to work as a team with their human handlers, while learning about the Alaskan Husky breed, sled dog racing and animal welfare.

Back at the campsite, a warm bowl of Bacalao, a traditional Norwegian fish-dish (vegetarian alternative available upon prior request) awaits you. A last goodbye to the dogs and then we make our way back to Tromsø.
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