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Aurora Chase with professional photographers

NorthernShots' Aurora Chase offers the best opportunity to seek out the aurora borealis (northern lights). Based on constantly updated weather and solar activity reports, our guides take you to where the chances to see the lights are the highest. A professional photographer helps you to capture the Northern Lights on your camera. The tour does not have a pre-determined itinerary but adapts flexibly according to the visibility conditions found on the way. You ...(more)
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Self-Drive Dog Sledding

Drive a husky sled, two persons sharing each sled 45-60 Minutes dogsledding Age limit 16 years Love speed and excitement? Join up with your own team of racing huskies to learn to dogsled. You get your own sled to drive along with a friend or another guest, and you will switch in the middle of the track. You can enjoy the arctic coastal nature with fantastic view over Tromsø, surrounded with white covered mountains and long fjords.  With about 4-6 km of do...(more)
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Magic Ice

Everyone is welcome at our Northern most Magic Ice-art gallery, in Tromso. Step inside and be amazed as you come face to face with some of Norway´s most historic and famous explorers as you also see what life is like inside the Artic circle. We´ll give you a winter poncho and gloves to wear inside and enjoy the chance to sip from an ice glass as we serve our signature cocktail at the ice-bar. Snap away, who can get the best selfie with one of our tremendous s...(more)
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