City sightseeing and visit to the Botanical Garden

Duration: 03:00 (Approx.)

Northernshots guides you on a panoramic sightseeing of the Tromsø island outdoor attractions, including a visit to the Folkeparken Open-Air Museum and the Arctic Alpine Botanical Garden!

At the southern tip of Tromsøya stands Folkeparken Open-Air Museum, which is beautifully situated in the city’s most popular excursion area and consists of 13 traditional houses from Tromsø and the surrounding district.

The road Kvaløyveien divides the museum area into two “courtyards”. By the sea stands the beautiful Kvitnesgården along with a large boathouse, Stornaustet, and buildings that were originally located in Tromsø center. On the opposite side of the road stands Mortengården, constituting the centre in a cluster of six log houses from the early 19th century.

The Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden of Tromsø hosts species from 5 continents, harmoniously displayed on an easy-to-walk path.
On this tour you will learn the story of the garden and you will get to discover the amazing abilities the plants and flowers hosted in the northernmost botanical garden of the world.

Thanks to a dedicated photo workshop you will be introduced to the basics of macro-photography, our professional photographer and the garden botanist will show you to the highlights of the week, following the seasonality of the blossoming cycles and assist you in capturing the wonders of the micro worlds that lie within each flower.

You can also request a professional portrait in the most beautiful sceneries or in your favourite corner of the garden, all the pictures taken by our photographers are available upon purchase and suitable for fine printing.
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City sightseeing and visit to the Botanical Garden